Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tangible Outcomes

This blog isn't about dieting or about what's on the scale, it's about a holistic approach to becoming healthier, stronger individuals.

BUT -- the scale remains as one tangible way to measure progress on our overall goals. And, one of my main goals is to actually lose weight.

And I'm happy to report that now, a little over 2 months into my nutritionist adventure, I have passed a major milestone... more than ten pounds lost. Double digits, my friends! :-)

This comes at a good time, cuz I've been feeling a little deflated in the motivation department lately. So this, combined with a sunny day and my plans to take a long walk around my pretty neighborhood this morning, is helping give me a really feel-good boost. Hooray.


Laura P said...

So right you are! There are so many wonderful benefits that we reap from living our healthier lifestyles, but still nothing is as sweet as the changes on the scale :)

Have a wonderful walk!!!

DC Food Blog said...

Numbers are important! Progress does need to be measured. Great job. You've made steady progress!