Sunday, May 10, 2009

The new numbers

So I just my blood tests yesterday. I saw them go from amazing to merely great. For example, my fructosamine level (a measure of blood sugar) was 208, well under the 265 level where it would be beyond normal but slightly higher than the 195 it was in February. Another example is my LDL cholesterol level (the bad cholesterol) which went from 59 in February to 65 for the past test. Once again, well below the standard 129 but still higher than before.

This merits a discussion with my doctor about whether this is a trend I should be worried about or coming to terms with taking my foot off the pedal. My exercise has been constant and I've eaten less carbs as I've gotten used to being conscious of eating carbs. On the flip side, really don't do much around watching the cholesterol and fat and sodium. I've always assumed the exercise takes care of that. The other thing about the higher fructosamine levels is that I have halved my blood sugar medication so that's another part of taking the foot off the pedal. So the question I have for the doctor is should I put my foot back on the pedal and regulate the fat and cholesterol I eat as much as the carbs? Is this indicative of my body getting too used to the meds and me having to take more?

It's hard to keep perspective on this because I am only nine months into the diagnosis. What does this mean for the long term? Speaking of long term, I'd like to thank my lovely husband J for giving me an extra year. My birthday is tomorrow and I totally thought I was turning 38. J, being two weeks younger, pointed out I am turning 37. It came as a complete shock. Here's to another year at 37 because I spent all of this one assuming I was 37. And here's to a lifetime of kicking diabetes ass.

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Stef said...

My dad thought he was a year older for most of his 30's - I wonder how that happens? I was born in an easy year to count from - 1975. So I turn x5 on a 0 year and x0 on a 5 year, and the counting is simple from there. :-)

It will be interesting to see what your doctor says about your numbers. My guess is part of it is leveling off from what was probably hypervigilance in the very beginning to a more realistic, livable behavior now.

If he does have you start watching the fat and sodium, I can tell you that once you've learned to watch your diet in one way, it's not that hard to modify further. I'm finding lots of tasty stuff still and I don't feel like I'm depriving myself, even though I've majorly reduced my intake from my former main food groups: fat, salt, sugar, and starch. :-)