Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cool as a Cucumber

So I just attempted to make a cucumber soup. I started out by searching the series of tubes for a good recipe, and decided to use this one as a base.

I didn't have typical big English cucumbers though, I had mini-ones, and I think I miscalculate the cuke-to-chicken broth ratio cuz the soup came out much thinner and more broth-like than I wanted. It's more like a chicken soup with cucumber flavor than a good thick, pureed soup like I anticipated. So I either should've used more cucumber or significantly less broth. I did skip the butter, using about 1/4 tsp of olive oil instead, skipped both the tarragon and parsley in favor of fresh dill. (From the store, not from my balcony garden... yet.)

But, even with the thin consistency, it's still tasty. I do love dill, and cucumber is its perfect mate.
Here are the pretty scallions. I've never used scallions before this spring and they've quickly become one of my go-to ingredients.

Cucumbers, smelling all fresh. Since I'd never done it before, I found this handy set of tips on how to peel and seed a cuke.

Here's everything simmering in the pan. You can already see the broth-to-veggie ratio problem, no? Trust me, this was a crazy mess in my little 3-cup mini-chop. I might just have to invest in a full-size food processor soon. That's something I never would've guessed a year ago -- I've come a long way, baby!
And, the finished soup. This would go great with a salad, or a good turkey and havarti sandwich. Yum.

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