Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am a Snacker

And that's been the downfall of so many of my failed dieting attempts in the past. But, so far, I seem to be doing pretty well with my nutritionist-approved snacking habits. What am I reaching for in the afternoon doldrums or to keep me company while watching tv at night?

- my homemade snack mix. This stuff is like CRACK. With protein and that little bit of sweet that I crave in the afternoons.

- string cheese. I used to turn my nose up at this stuff, but lately I've found that 2 reduced fat string cheese sticks are great snacks. They are really filling and are great at battling the 4 pm "I'm so hungry I could scream!" crises.

- veggies and dip. I've long been a baby carrot fan, but lately I've also been buying zucchini and yellow squash and slicing it up, then dipping into a reduced fat dill or onion dip. It's the same craving as potato chips and dip, but much healthier.

- Cheerios, in moderation. I've measured out 1/2 cup portions into little snack-size baggies, so I totally look like a toddler pulling these things out. When at the conference, I assured my co-workers I wouldn't smoosh them into the carpet. :-)

- Activia yogurt. My nutritionist told me to switch my yogurt from being breakfast (when it wasn't nearly filling enough) to being a sweet, light afternoon snack. Good stuff. And the Activia does wonders to help my IBS.

These little snacks are really helping me get through the days, and I've grown to really like all of them. Even, yes, the string cheese.


DC Food Blog said...

How do you maintain control over Cheetos. I could down a whole bag of that stuff.

Stef said...

Literally, I measured 1/2 cup of Cheerios into each little Ziploc snack bag, and I only allow myself that bag. I'm pretty good at limiting myself to whatever the portion is in front of me. If it's a huge portion, I'll eat it all. But if it's a small portion, I can stick to that, too.