Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Brainstorming

I actually was able to make it to the farmers' market today, even during the onset of an early summer storm. I got some goodies while trying not to get soaked, and while I have some ideas in mind, I'd love your help with any good recipes.

I got a bunch of asparagus, and I'll likely use some for a tilapia recipe I just saw. But what else? Any good fresh asparagus ideas?

And how about cucumbers? I can slice some up for fun dipping, but what about the rest? I'm thinking of something gazpacho like, which I've never made... have a good recipe, anyone?

There was a lot more stuff at the market that I'd love to sample soon, but it's amazing how just 4 items can cost $23!!!


DC Food Blog said...

Oh Stef! If only I can open a wormhole to a SF Farmer's Market where even the morel mushrooms are cheap.

Asparagus - roast in a little evoo and red pepper flakes. Serve on top of scrambled egg beaters. These are great with soft scrambled eggs. Otherwise, cut into 2 inch chunks and sautee in evoo, red pepper flakes and a dash of balsamic for 3 minutes.

Cucumber - taziki (or however you spell it). It's best when your nonfat yogurt is strained overnight. Basically, line a colander with a paper towel suspended over a bowl. Throw a cup of yogurt in the paper towel lined bowl. Let sit overnight to strain some of the water out. When it's ready, grate the cucumber. Add a squirt of lemon (if I were use, I'd use a tiny bit of honey to balance the acidity) and tiny bit of salt and lots of pepper, chopped mint and/or dill. Serve with pita or spears of red bell pepper.

Stef said...

I just made the sauteed asparagus as a side dish to a juicy steak. Perfect!!!