Monday, October 6, 2008


Hello, readers! Welcome to a brand-new blog, something that will be a bit of an experiment for its two authors.

We are Stef of DC and T of the Bay Area, and it was T's good idea that we team up to work together and share our stories with all of you out there. We're both successful, well-adjusted non-profit professionals in our 30's, but we are both now starting to experience some of the effects of three decades of poor lifestyle choices.

So, since now is the best time for us to curb those behaviors and make the changes necessary to start living better - and longer - lives, we've signed on as each other's buddies and will use this blog to share information, advice, successes and challenges.

Note: (And this is very important.) This is NOT a dieting blog. Stef already has one (On the W.W.Wagon) that hasn't been exactly as successful as she's wanted. (Don't blame the blog!). She'll keep posting the nuts and bolts of dieting, points, and weigh-ins over there.

Instead, this blog is about all of the different choices that make up a lifestyle - including educating ourselves about health and nutrition, so you may even find a little science here some days.

We're doing this to encourage each other, and to help ourselves. We hope you'll join us on this journey.

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