Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun goals and a bad night

So now that I'm living healthy and stuff, there are some goals I am setting not directly related to the diabetes. You see, I've always played sports all my life. In high school I ran track. In college I played volleyball. Recently, I've been playing tennis.

The hard thing about this diagnosis is feeling like my body has totally let me down. I know this sounds weird but I've never hated my body. I never felt that in order to be more attractive I needed to lose weight because the men I am attracted to are bigger guys. I've always thought that the reason why people didn't find me attractive was that I was an Asian guy and we're low on the dating food chain but my body never came into play when it came to self hatred. That's another set of Samsonite to unpack.

Needless to say, a big piece of my lack of self hatred is because I played sports. I wasn't the strong, fastest or highest but I DO IT. When I started playing tennis again, I joined a league and made it to the semifinals. Athletically my body does what it's told.

So I'm reclaiming that here and now. I have two goals:

1. Run the Bay to Breakers in costume. 12k, 2k longer than my longest race (a 10k). Bay to Breakers is awesome because everyone runs in costume. In the past people have run in the nude (now prohibited). It's long been a fantasy for me to run it. Now that I live in the Bay area and am running like a mofo (literally running for my life), I'm in!

2. Play tennis in the 2009 Outgames. I want to walk in a Opening Ceremonies. As an athlete! In a cute warm up suit!

Last night I had a bad eating night. I went to a meeting at an Italian restaurant, and lowballed the carbs. I ordered just a salad with seared tuna and had maybe 15 grams of carbs. An hour later in Whole Foods, I was having a massive bout of hypoglycemia and had to eat a cracker (which would mean my fasting blood sugar level in the morning would be higher). It didn't help I was in the middle of Whole Foods where everything in sight had carbs. I made huge mistake of not just going to a grocery store hungry but going to a grocery store starving and about to pass out. Note to self - EAT YOUR CARBS.

I got the results of my blood test. Everything is in working order and going according to plan. I'll do a post with a glossary of things I have to think about as a diabetic.

BTW - help me come up with a costume for Bay to Breakers. It must be something that I can wear a t-shirt and running shorts. Look on the site for pics of costumed runners.

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Stef said...

These sound like great goals, T! Very exciting, and i'm glad you're getting reenergized.

I'm so not talking about body issues for a while. The longest love-hate relationship I've had in my life... ugh.