Friday, October 10, 2008

Is this a benefit?

Is it a good or bad thing that having a chronic (yet manageable!) disease will make you cry like a baby at an episode of Grey's Anatomy. The Asian girl with cancer who just wanted to have Meredith dish? WAAAH? And when she found out the cancer was spreading and then said "So unfair!" WAAAAAAAAH! And then the psychiatrist in the elevator talking about the goal of therapy is not to b happy but to be able to feel things. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Last night, J and I went to a vegan restaurant for dinner. The had a prix fixe meal that was the right number of carbs - a healthy meal of brown and wild rice, sauteed beets, apples and cabbage, azuki beans, and kale. It was filling if a bit bland. But it was nice to go to a restaurant and not have to think. We just ordered, the food came and we ate. It felt normal.

On the plus side, after two days of keeping at it, my blood glucose levels are within normal range. Woo!


Stef said...

good for keeping your numbers in the right place!

question on the balsamic reduction... do I need to have a stainless steel pan? that's what some of the recipes on the Internets are saying. And do you use a plastic squeeze bottle or some other way to store it?

DC Food Blog said...

I don't think it's necessary to have a stainless steel pot. I've used all sorts of pots and it's been fine. I just put it in a jar or a piece of tupperware. I'm not that gourmet.

DC Food Blog said...

J here,

I love that you two are doing this. It's inspiring and I'm glad you both have a place to talk through things.

My relationship to food and exercise is changing slowly. I've been on this road before but there are some new circumstances here.

I was at 262 back in June and was not as healthy as I wanted to be. Working at home in Cheverly really slowed me down and I was pretty sedentary. Once I went part time I barely needed to leave the house.

The new job has me walking 2 miles most days and that seems to be helping. I'm not sure I can tell the difference between good and bad pain, but I'm hoping to be more focused on taking care of myself too.

One of the great mysteries for me is what foods seem great and are high in x or y and what foods are super good for us and satisfying. I hope to explore that and as you explore working through what you are working on I'm cheering you on.