Friday, October 24, 2008


The changes in exercise and eating that I've instituted for myself have resulted in some pretty positive changes in my body. While I still chafe at thinking about what I am eating and portions control (the exercise part comes easily), there is quite a bit I've gained in the last three weeks. You see, having high blood sugar transforms your blood from the consistency of maple syrup to the consistency of molasses. Your heart is working harder to push all of the blood through your system. Lowering the blood sugar means that your heart works less and the blood gets to all parts of the body easier.

What has that wrought on my body?

1. Energy - Did you know having high blood sugar levels makes you sleepy? A bunch of people in my class reassured me that keeping the sugar levels down would keep away the afternoon blahs. Normally I am a zombie in the afternoons, but since the changes in diet and exercise, I am pretty alert in the afternoons.

2. Sleep - The other piece of this whole lower blood sugar thing is sleeping through the night. Not waking up in the middle of the night at all and sleeping a full eight hours. Not bad.

3. Fitness - Yes I'm progressing. My tennis game has been upped. I'm getting the the ball easier. Not only that, I've increased my running pace from ten minute miles to nine and a half minute miles.

4. Weight - While this is not supposed to be a weight loss blog, I can't mention the changes in my body without mentioning my body. I've lost eight pounds since the diagnosis. While losing weight isn't the point and I would happily GAIN ten pounds to reduce my blood sugar, I'll take the weight loss. Although, I hope my ass doesn't get flat. There are two things I unabashedly like about my body, my ass and my calves.


Stef said...

Woohoo!!! I'm glad you're seeing so many positive effects already. Nothing is as motivating as seeing and feeling your own success.

I've been craptastic at all of this lately. Cooking more things is definitely a positive change, but I'm slacking on just about everything else. I took a long weekend trip that involved 9 hours of driving, bad fast food, and lots of bagels-and-sandwich-trays meetings. Ugh. Now that I'm back I've gotta get more focused.

DC Food Blog said...

Hey! Give yourself some credit. You've moved forward to how and how much you cook. You've got some awesome recipe in your repertoire that really help with the healthy lifestyle. Road trips and work food are hard for everyone. I nearly cried when I had to pass up a free breakfast croissant.

This is what I read from another blog and I think it's true:

What do you guys think--is weight loss about willpower? I happen to agree with Jillian and think it's NOT. It's not about gritting your teeth and finding the strength "deep within you"--I think that's B.S. and will leave many people feeling really bad that they can't find it. They key, I think, is to set up your environment and make decisions so that you can succeed even when willpower is nowhere to be found.