Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spelunking on a Saturday Morning

Just got back from the grocery store... and inspired by recipe ideas from my co-blogger, my friends, and the good people on the Internets, I really went to town. I actually explored sections of the grocery store that I've never really paid attention to before! Like, the full depth and glory of the produce section.....!

I will be making a balsamic reduction and using it in turkey-veggie wraps. I will make - for the first time - my own meat sauce with very lean antibiotic free beef to serve over spaghetti squash. (That will be a bizarre experiment, I can already tell.) I will make a spinach and mushroom frittata-type thingy. (Does a frittata by definition have to have cheese? I didn't buy any cheese.)

Watch for updates as I experiment over this long weekend. There may even be pictures!

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