Thursday, October 16, 2008

Frustration and joy

So reading my blood sugar levels, I am on the high end of normal and my doctor wants me to be on the low end of normal. The problem is, when I cut back on the carbs per meal to get to the low end of normal, I go into a massive hypoglycemic attack where I am about to pass out. And my blood sugar level when I wake up, isn't at all affected by the lowering of carbs I ate the day before. In fact yesterday, I made a point to eat more carbs so as not to go into hypoglycemia and hooray! my fasting blood sugar was the lowest it's ever been! So what gives? What can I eat to make sure I'm on the low end of normal but not pass out.

One joy I had last night was testing whether I could eat pasta. Admittedly, it was half a cup of cooked pasta with Trader Joe's turkey chili but it was pasta!!!!! Pasta and bread is on my list! WOOOO!

I hate to be defeatist about such things but I am giving up. I had a wicked sugar craving and I decided to break down and use the Splenda that was left over from my father in law's visit. I made hot cocoa with almond milk (2 g of carbs per 8 oz serving BAYBEEE!!!!), a packet of Splenda and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. It was crazy satisfying. I hate having to throw in any more chemicals into my body than I already do but, hot cocoa. I'm thinking of devising a recipe with almond flour and cocoa powder and Splenda.

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Stef said...

You really are exercising amazing self-control. I think you found a great way to satisfy a craving that was still in the bounds of what you need to be doing with carbs, and that's a huge success.