Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year

As Shakira says, "hips don't lie" and mine are saying it's time to cut out the cookies and the chips. Yeesh.

As a New Year's tradition, I stepped on the scale this morning to see where my resolutions will start. It was not a happy moment. As expected, I am now at my NEW highest weight ever. Yikes. I knew it was happening, and I really have given myself a sort of psychological pass over the last 6 months to not be too hard on myself while I've been adjusting to the "new normal" in my family and emotional life.

But, a psychological pass doesn't equal a biological pass. And I haven't been feeling good - I know I've gained weight and fallen even more out of shape.

So as long planned, I got myself through the holidays (I even did work out one day at the Holiday Inn when we visited my home town) and I'm now recommitting to the whole healthy lifestyle effort. I'll say it again, what my co-blogger and I strongly believe, it's NOT a diet. It's a way of life. That way of life includes going back to journaling my food and exercise (well, it includes actual exercise too), it includes more consistent cooking, and paying more attention to myself and my choices. I want to get back to following my nutritionist's advice for a low sodium, low fat diet, and I know that this works. I just have to do it.

So, that's my New Year's resolution - to get back to that good place of healthy cooking, eating, and moving that I found last year. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


DC Food Blog said...

Have you and your nutritionist talked about planned cheats? I know sometimes it works to know you can have some of some things and regulate that. For me, I've had to take a hard line of sugar and just eliminate it and never look back. For otehrs it's unrealistic to think you can never have something.

Stef said...

Yeah, we had talked about it. She's okay with cheating once in a while - like she said if it's someone's birthday, have a piece of cake, just try to then have a light, fruit/veggie-heavy dinner, etc. It's all about moderation and making up for it in the balance of things. Some things I should just cut out cuz I can't stop (cookie dough) but other things I can allow myself once in a while.

DC Food Blog said...

Sugar-based desserts of any kind throw me into a drug-like cycle of addiction. I have a taste and get a MONSTER craving. Cookie monster craving. It's one of the reason why Splenda works for me. Tastes like sugar but doesn't trigger the craving. I like my Splenda chocolate cake but in no way need to eat half of it the way I would with a sugar based chocolate cake. However, truffle oil fries fried in duck fat? I can have a taste and cut myself off and dear god do THOSE taste like heaven.