Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The conundrum

I am totally grateful for this blog because it does keep me focused on what I need to focus on. Case in point, since I've gone off the medication to control my blood sugar I've gained about 8 pounds and gone up a pants size. I talked with my doctor about it and he said that a beneficial side effect of the metformin is that it facilitates weight loss.

I've been at the same weight for two months so it's not like I'm blowing up. And on every other measure I am rocking.

- My cholesterol, A1C, and urine scores are actually better than when I was at my lowest weight

- I've increased my running from two 3-mile runs and a 5-mile run to to two 5-mile runs and a 7.5 mile run.

- My speed in the races improved dramatically.

So everything is going well BUT I was damn tempted to ask for some drugs to get the weight off. It's a conundrum. I need to celebrate that my body does well enough on its own (as along as I do the things I need to). The flip side is that I am pretty damn tempted to get back on drugs I don't need just to lose a few pounds.

Now where was that forest again?


Stef said...

Do doctors still talk about the concept of a set point weight, or is that now outdated? Maybe you've reached yours?

Laura P said...

Stef -

I was taught about that concept in medschool, but have never heard anyone talk about it in practice? I think you can change your "set-point", it just takes a lot of time and it's harder to maintain...


DC Food Blog said...

I've heard of the concept but neither the doctor nor the nutritionist brought it up.