Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Stef and I Are Awesome...

And Ruby is not. So after a nine-episode season of Ruby, I am completely transfixed by this trainwreck. And by trainwreck, I mean trainwreck of Trya Banks proportions. You have to view Ruby as a tv character than a real life person. The reason is because it's clear that Ruby has been coached and goaded into portraying a self-centered idiot. Before the show even started Ruby had gone down from 700 pounds to 477 pounds. Clearly she must have learned SOMETHING. I've seen 3-year-olds with more self awareness and intelligence than tv Ruby.

To make my co-blogger and every one of you readers feel better about yourself. Here's my list of why we rock harder than tv Ruby.

1. We can cook. This is where Ruby is totally preposterous. She doesn't cook to the point where she doesn't own a cutting board. She doesn't cook to the point where you can hide her scale in the oven and she could never find it. And that's the most important thing about living healthy. The ultimate way you live healthy is to have a complete say in what you put into your body. You can't do that without cooking.

2. We can nourish ourselves. Ruby is hungry. Hungry like all the freaking time. She constantly complains that her Hourglass meals suck. One thing that the Weight Watchers ads gets really right is to address the hunger monster. When I first changed my diet and I had moments of hunger, I seriously could not envision a life where I was hungry all the time. It was torture. You cannot sustain that. If Ruby is feeling this way through her weight loss process, she is destined for failure once the cameras turn off.

3. We don't expect the world and our friends to cater to us.
OH. MY. GOD. Almost every freaking episode is a Last Temptation of Ruby situation where her friends go to a fast food joint and Ruby bemoans the fact she can't eat what they are eating. Sorry Ruby, but just because you're on a restricted diet doesn't mean your friends have to. I think all of us, Stef, me all of you can go to a restaurant with our friends without being a big ol' drama queen about it.

4. Our health care professionals do not suck. Oh that evil Dr. Bradley. He's constantly pushing for Ruby to stay on her Hourglass meal plans in direct opposition to her trainers and nutritionist. And guess who owns the Hourglass Meal company? Evil Dr. Bradley.

5. This healthy living stuff is not a punishment. Hey folks? What's the name of this blog? Yep. That's the key to why we do what we do. This is not penance for every fatty decision we've made and once we've served out time it's over. This is how we live. That' chili stef made the other day? Not a punishment in the least. That 5 mile race? Not a punishment. Especially that stretch where I was running to Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body.

So feel good about yourselves because noone is forcing you to act like an idiot on tv.

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Stef said...

Great post! (And I'm thinking it's a good thing I've never seen this Ruby show.)