Thursday, January 15, 2009

The slog

All right for all of you healthy lifestyle folks. This is where I need some back up. This week, the healthy living stuff is feeling like a slog. Last night I had another crazy blood sugar reading and I realized I forgot to take my medication. Not good! Have you all had that kind of week? Where stuff doesn't come easily. I'm tired and sleepy in the afternoons, something I haven't been for ages since lowering my blood sugar. This morning I had a massive craving for a bagel, which I headed off by buying some plain yogurt and strawberries. And I need to work out today and really don't feel like it. This is the point isn't it? It's not always gonna be fun and the rewards are more process than outcome. It took me four months of uninterrupted progress to get to this point. The weight is plateauing and the blood sugar is slightly higher. I am REALLY looking forward to my appointment with the dietician because I want some advice. I also signed up for a strength training session with a trainer because 2009 is the year of learning.

So for you readers (and my co-blogger). How long did it take you to get to this point? How long did it take you to get out of the slog? Was it the numbers on the scale going down again? Did you just find a fun exercise activity?

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Stef said...

Well, here's my dirty secret --- I've never made it past the slog. The one time I really did have great success on a DIET, when I did WW and lost 42 pounds, the slog came at about this same 4-month point and I never got back into the rhythm. And that's when I learned that the problem with a diet is you're either on it or you're not. And I've pretty much been NOT on one ever since, 8 1/2 years later.

I don't have many positive things to say to encourage you at the moment, though, cuz I'm just feeling so down on my own situation. But I've been so proud of you over the last several months, and I'm rooting for you to find out the things that work for you and to learn what your own reasonable limits and expectations. Think of it as the honeymoon being over, and now you and your lifestyle have to learn how to live together forever and make compromises and accept each other in all of the little ways it takes to lead a happy, healthy life.

How does that sound? Incredibly cheesy? I need to get some more sleep! :-)