Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm letting the stress get to me. Anxiety, not enough sleep, crazy-caffeinated-adrenaline, eating bad things at the wrong times, getting virtually nothing nutritious and eating everything out of a takeout container or a "convenience food" package, not even thinking about exercising and taking a cab home exhausted every night...

These are the lifestyle things I'm supposed to stop doing, right????

Blurgh. I'm working for the weekend -- literally, trying to get through a big event Sunday night then through the madness of the Inaugural in DC, then life starts to get to normal on Wednesday.

A time for Change, indeed.

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DC Food Blog said...

Is it the season for this? As I said in the previous post it's been hard. The plus side is that habits die hard and I exercise and eat right because I'm used to it. It isn't coming naturally this week and my numbers have been weird. I'm sorry for the craziness. When work gets THAT crazy, you just have to ride it out.