Monday, January 12, 2009

The Setback

So tonight I had a setback. I had a 166 for a post-meal reading. Ideally, I should have a reading under 140. My post meal readings have usually been between 110 and 120. In the past two months I've had two readings above 140 and those we two or three points above 140. But 166? What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck? I saw that my meal was on the high end of my carb content but my overall carb intake for the day is actually on the low side. Could it be at eating 60 grams will kick by blood sugar that high? I took the reading after I did my usual strength training. This just throws me for a loop. The big picture is that this number could be an outlier. The big picture is that I got diagnosed with a reading of over 200. The big picture is that 166 isn't an extremely high number period.

The hard part is the anxiety for the next reading. I'm pinning my hopes that this reading IS an aberration. The fear is that I will need to do something different. I have been trying so fricking hard and I hate having to step it up after stepping it up already.

It stings because I liked being the overacheiver. The success story that kicked diabetes ass. Four months of GREAT numbers and now this. The hard thing is realizing that you don't control things. You can do all the right things and you can do most of the right things and stuff happens.

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