Monday, August 17, 2009

Blurgh. Aaargh. Ugggh.

My rough summer is reflecting itself on my scale, just a great way to start a Monday morning. Aargh. I have gained back 8 pounds since my lowest point, and I can feel it. I can feel it in how my clothes fit and how I move, and it just makes me mad... I have gotten off track, for sure, but I haven't been *that* bad. It's amazing to see just how little slips make such a big difference... or, in reverse, I guess it's amazing to see just how much I had cut out of my diet and what a difference that made.

So, because I don't want to give up and because I know I need to get my rhythm back - and that of all people, Dad was the one rooting for me the most - I have to refocus. I even bought a new little notebook so I can start a fresh food journal and don't have to have the empty pages of the old one taunt me.

I learned so much from the nutritionist, I need to keep putting it to work and I need to find my own feelings of accountability to keep me going.


Laura P said...

I'm right there with you, chica!
I too bought a new journal for a fresh start and made sure I did my cardio this am (even though getting up this morning at 4:30am was PAINFUL!)

You can totally get back on track... I have all of the faith in the world in you.

Keep going -- it's a marathon, not a sprint!


DC Food Blog said...

If there's one thing I could recommend is keeping a food/exercise log. Even if you eat junk and do nothing one particular day, at least you KNOW you are doing it. I like revisiting my food intake and exercise and see - whoa eating a lot of fatty protein or haven't exercised in three days. I think the log helps because you can look at a week and judge by whether its been a good or bad week.