Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Segment - Tip of the Week

You know, living the lifestyle, you can take a lot of the changes for granted. That's the point isn't it? What used to be a huge effort is now a natural part of your routine. So to capture some of the ongoing things that are becoming almost subconscious, I am instituting the Tip of the Week. We're all learning something, so if you have something you've incorporated into your routine, feel free to share in the comments.

Here's my tip of the week - Restaurant Eating

When you've eaten your portion of food, put a napkin on top of your plate. I am finding my meal is DONE. Like I would totally be embarrassed if I had to unearth my food from a napkin. It also indicates to a server you are done so that the food is outta there.

What are things you all do to keep on track in restaurants?

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Missa said...

When eating out, I am usually a 'sides junky.' I try to eat more veggies, like the baked potato, or a double side of steamed veggies. Then, I usually add a protein of some kind. I have a habit of cutting the meat or fish to the right portion size before the first bite, so I don't scarf the whole thing down.