Friday, March 6, 2009

Making America Skinny

One slap at a time!

And now a brief commercial endorsement:

Look what I got! Yes, indeedy, Vince Offer has won my over and for the first time even I bought something off an infomercial. After starting my cooking adventures over the past year, I've learned that I'm just not a pro with my knife skills. And I need to eat more veggies and I want to cook with more herbs and fresh ingredients. That means lots of chopping. So, when I saw the SlapChop, I knew it would be a great shortcut for me.

And it really does work! It's much bigger than I expected (That's what she said). And it's not exactly like it is on the commercial you need to "slap" it more than just a few times to get a good chop. But still, it works and it does open up and clean very easily.

Here you can see about 6 cloves of garlic after roughly 15 "slaps" or pump of the SlapChop. It would've been a lot harder for me to use my knife and try to get this small a dice of my garlic. I can imagine myself using this A LOT.

So the SlapChop now has a home on my counter, and I'm going to experiment with Graty after I buy some cheese over the weekend. Fun gadget fun!

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