Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eating Habits

When I first got diagnosed, I totally changed how I ate. Taking that crazy ass diabetes class, I took a hard line those first two months about eating. As I have taken control of my health, I've gained some mad skillz in the eating department, especially in restaurants. The obvious things like sugar, white flour, and things made with those two ingredients were off the table. Other things like Vietnamese food, Thai food and sushi were also off the table. The scary thing about that was seeing stuff as gateway drugs. If I had a taste of something I would want lots and lots of it. Somehow, my stomach adjusted to where I self regulate automatically. I make sure I order a large serving of vegetables and lean protein that I eat first. With my stomach sated, I can eat ONE piece of bread or a single serving of rice, or a few pieces of sushi.

Case in point, I've been traveling to Minnesota and ordered a nice piece of walleye fish with a corn and sweet potato hash. I had a huge salad with it and ate the whole salad and all of the fish. Stomach filled with protein and vegetables, I really couldn't eat more than a serving of the hash.

So Vietnamese, Thai, sushi, and even bread are back in the list. Desserts made with sugar are still of the list. It's great to know I've developed some diabetic friendly eating habits because it is as much about the inside as the outside.

And speaking of inside, Stef, you are totally kicking my ass when it comes to the cholesterol. My HDL is 40 and my total cholesterol is 199. I am totally jealous of your numbers.

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Stef said...

olive oil, olive oil, olive oil. :-) I'm convinced that's the reason I have good HDL numbers. That and I eat just as much tilapia as I do chicken.

Good for you for finding ways to moderate your diet to get what you like AND what you need. I'd be so wrecked having to give up sushi, Thai, Indian - that's all the good stuff! But your method of filling up on protein and veggies is a good one for everyone.