Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beyond Mortification

Okay, this is as tangible a sign as I've ever gotten that I need to change my lifestyle.

This morning, I broke my office chair. Good Lord.

Now, it's true that I kinda twisted and fell into it -- I didn't sit down normally, and I fell at an angle that was different than normally sitting. But still, I snapped the edge of a hard plastic chair.

That's doing wonders for my self-esteem right now.


DC Food Blog said...

It sounds like you sat on it wrong. It's probably less about your weight cracking it and more about the way you sat on it and coming at a wrong angle. Broken chairs are never fun though. I hope you're okay.

Anonymous said...

I broke a chair once..and I didn't even sit on it weird (although it was from Ikea). But it was totally embarassing as it was the first time I met some of Aaron's friends--Hello nice to meet you and can I break your chair for you? Luckily they were understanding about it.


Stef said...

Thanks you guys -- I'm still pretty embarrassed but all my coworker friends were very nice about it. I hope the offending chair will be out of the office next week so i just don't have to see it anymore!

Stef said...
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