Monday, March 1, 2010

This is what an athlete looks like

So this guy won an Olympic Gold medal on Friday in bobsledding. He won a medal that the U.S. hadn't won in 62 years and for those of us who like our men on the solid side, he's total eye candy.

His victory really shows how much we need to change our cultural lexicon when it comes to the image of health because it's a guarantee that his BMI would put him in the "overweight" category. Think about it, there are tons of football linemen, shot putters and wrestlers who are built like trucks. They trainer for horus every day and are in peak physical condition, but if most of us close our eyes, someone who looks like this:

isn't what we would picture. Both these people are Olympic Gold Medalists. Both train like mofos and are in peak physical condition. Both are healthy. And both would be labels as overweight. What is wrong with this picture? And it's not the two hotties in the pictures.


Pton98 said...

I think it's a question of what they are training to do. The bobsledder is training to push at maximal effort for about 5 seconds, and then drive without crashing. Similarly, the shot-putter is training for a one-three second burst of energy at maximum power. Send either of these athletes out to run a 10K, and the results won't be pretty. On the other hand, the olympic champion in the 10,000 meters could not push a sled or throw a shot-put very far.

DC Food Blog said...

I would say that the bobsledder would probably be able to run a very respectable 100 meters based on the explosive energy it takes to get the bobsled going.