Thursday, July 30, 2009

More to Love The Good, The Bad, and the Whackadoo

I do find it absolutely hilarious that reviewers of More to Love are saying it's not nearly as entertaining because she show treats the contestants as human beings as opposed to famewhores. So seriously, as my civic duty, I HAD to watch More To Love and I found it... engrosssing. There are cringe inducing similarities to The Bachelor like the cheesetastic declarations of wanting to find a soul mate and wanting to connect. But there is a great deal of heart to this show I find endearing. When the ladies are talking about how desperate they are to find someone you don't think to yourself "famewhore!" There's a lifetime of pain in the show that is rearing it's ugly head. So here's my list of the high and low lights of this show.

The Good
1. The fact that Luke's attraction to large women is portrayed as an attraction, not some weird fetish.
2. The fact that Luke isn't made out to be some kind of saint just because he likes large woman.
3. The woman who was all up with people about her weight and just said she was going to buy nice clothes and do awesome things at any weight.
4. There were only two instances of women putting each other down.
5. Noone else was stupid enough to jump into the pool after that girl in the black dress did.
6. Noone made catty remarks about anyone else's appearance (although there were catty remarks about attention whore behavior).
7. Luke made it really clear that he found them all attractive so whether they were "pretty" enough was off the table.
8. Luke likes to eat and hopes to find someone who also likes to eat as well.
9. Luke as a MAN of size admitting he's been burned for being fat.
10. The one remark about the girl in the pool was calling her an otter, not a whale.

The Bad
1. The girl who jumped into the pool.
2. That goth girl who wanted to be all wifey.
3. The endless parade of women who thought this reality show was their last chance at love (at age 25!)
4. The confident photographer who seemed to be pretty comfortable with her body got eliminated.
5. The rocket scientist got eliminated.
6. "What do you like to eat?" "Anything thick and juicy." EEEWWWWWWWW.
7. Every Bachelor style trope imaginable - two girls cuddling with the bachelor, girls gushing about how cute he is, constant talk about "possibly falling in love" and "making connections." You want a connection, get internet.
8. "I always do things when people tell me not to." "Well don't kiss me then."
9. Luke begging for kisses in the most awkward way possible.
10. The trash-tastic outfits those poor women had to wear. Has noone seen the Oprah episode on bras?????

Did anyone else watch it?


Onyah said...

I missed it on Tuesday, but they replayed it last night, and I was glad to catch it (and I set my TiVo to record the rest of the season)! I, too, was mega-grossed-out by all of Luke's kiss-begging. And it was pretty obvious that the girls who said no were they girls who would go home, so... what else were they gonna do? Ick.

The thing that bugs me about the show is that Luke is a nice-enough guy, but he's nothing fabulous. Women on the Bachelor compete for hottie celebrities, professional athletes, and multi-millionaires. The only thing that makes Luke special is that he likes large women and, I'm sorry, I'm sure they could've found one celebrity, athlete, or millionaire that likes large women.

But as we all know, these shows are never about the guy. They're about ferocious competition between women, and I'm very much looking forward to how that progresses!

DC Food Blog said...

Great analysis Onyah. yes, Luke's kiss begging was pretty skeezy. I think the challenge with finding someone who was less regular guy to do this show is that it would set up a dynamic where him being attracted to larger women would be considered some kind of fetish. One thing I did find about the show i like was that the show made sure never to act as if Luke was doing these women a big favor by being attracted to them. He also did a whole lot to validate them and get the looks OFF the table. He pretty much said straight out - you are all good looking, now let's see if we hit it off. I do wonder, what would be the dynamic if the guy in question was some who looked like Jerry O'Connell's brother.